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CoinStream® Premier Benefit Package
Features Common to All Self-Service Coin Models...

Operator Console and Counting Module

  • Bright LCD display and simple two-button operation
  • Automatic coin feeding mechanism
  • Patented Automatic Debris Ejection System removes non-coin material and debris after each transaction
  • Alloy sensor rejects foreign and mutilated coins as well as ‘slugs’ during the counting process
  • Counts all 6 U.S. denominations (programmable for up to 20 denominations including foreign coins and tokens)

Sorting Operation and Lower Module

Output and Reports

  • Totals and subtotals of pieces and value are accumulated by denomination
  • Summary report indicates full breakdown of coins processed
  • Transaction log recaps all transactions
  • Simplified balancing procedures
  • Easy to read receipt can be customized for your institution
  • Thermal safety roll paper (UV reactive) is available for added security
  • Host Communications is optional

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