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SCANCOIN 1500 Currency Counter

Banknote counterfeiting techniques are becoming more sophisticated and widespread and effective counterfeit detection is more important than ever. Counterfeit detection needs vary widely, depending on the particular currencies and notes processed. SCAN COIN offers a wide range of options for identifying counterfeits, allowing you to select a model with exactly the detection features you need.

High throughput with flexibility
SC 1500 offers high throughput of up to 1,500 notes per minute with a counting speed that can be easily modified. Standard functions include continuous counting as well as variable batching of any quantity between 1-999 notes. The machine restarts automatically after each completed batch to maintain high throughput.

Superior accuracy and performance
The SC 1500 offers accuracy-enhancing standard features such as fully automatic detection of both double banknotes and chain-fed notes. And in IP (Intelligent Processing) mode, the machine automatically detects note’s characteristics and automatically adapts the system to them in order to optimize performance.